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There are multiple reasons why you might want to transfer your domains to Namecheap. One of them might be a better price, a better control panel, free whois protection or trying to get all your domains in a single place. Below you can read about the steps one needs to take if he wants to transfer a domain to Namecheap, from another registrar. The first thing you need to do is add the domains which will be transferred to a shopping cart on Namecheap and do the entire checkout process, paying for the domain. In many cases, you might pay a smaller price for this, since Namecheap sometimes offers coupons or discounts for transferred domains. This is how you tell Namecheap to initiate the transfer process, trying to get the domain from the other registrar. If you need an EPP Key to complete the transfer, then you will receive an email with a request for one. That EPP key can also be used on the Manager Transfers page, under My Account. When you’re there click on the domain name, after you finished the order to move it. The EPP key can be requested from your current registrar. Once the EPP key is used in the transfer process (if it’s required), the domain can be transferred out. Next, the Administrator of the domain will receive an email. He needs to click on the link which approves the transfer in order for the domain to be transferred. You also need to unlock the domain from the current registrar, before it can be moved to Namecheap. If you need to do something to remove the lock you will receive an email. Once you unlock the domain, it can be transferred out, and that’s all you need to do. The transfer should now complete successfully.

Namecheap have released a coupon for October 2008.

Using coupon code – INDIANSUMMER will give you $8.81 domain name registrations.  This will only work with new domain registrations NOT renewals.

Welcome to my Namecheap Coupon blog. The aim of this site is to share any Namecheap coupons and savings I come across. I use Namecheap for a fair number of my domain registrations and even have a web hosting package with them. Like everyone, I’m always looking to save a few bucks here and there so I am always on the lookout for any promotions and coupon codes.