Namecheap Discount Codes can be used to make the price of your domain or other order on namecheap cheaper. Namecheap is a great registrar, which many people use to register domains or host websites a new service. As a measure of promotion, Namecheap discount codes can be found online, or received in their monthly newsletter, allowing you to save money when you transfer domains, registering them or in some cases when you renew them. Sometimes, you can also find namecheap discount codes for SSL services, whois protection or for hosting plans.

Namecheap Discount Coupons Save You Money!

Once every month month arrives, Namecheap releases new discount codes for their new domain registrations. When the month ends, the discount codes expire. The regular price for domains is $9.69, but a discount code will drop that price by $0.88, to $8.81. Yes, it’s under a dollar, but if you register dozens of domains each month, those cents add up quickly.

One other way you can save a lot of money is by moving your domains to Namecheap, if they’re currently at another registrar. For example, using a namecheap discount codes you can drop the cost of moving a domain to Namecheap to just $6.99, which also prolong the registration period by 1 year. While registration discount coupons change monthly, the transfer discount code has been the same for some time now, and it’s SWITCH2NC. As said, this will drop the price to $6.99 and prolong the registration period for 1 year. If you transfer large numbers of domains to Namecheap, instead of paying $10 to renew them for 1 year, you pay $3 less, since you’re moving them and benefiting from the Namecheap discount. If you do it with 100 domains, the total discount will be $30, and that’s money in your pocket.

Namecheap discount codes can also be found for services like SSL or hosting.